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What else "passes time"?
  • Computer games - especially EverQuest,
  • Cinema once a week with friends,
  • Being harassed by my kitties until I play with them (or give them chicken!),
  • Board and card games (especially Fluxx and Settlers),
  • Used to play the flute, sing, and play darts for the local pub!

    No wonder I never have any free time!

  • Interests and Pastimes Creative Urges I'm well known for being a serial hobbyist, I admit that freely. But I never actually give up crafts... I just, well, add new ones! I'm quite a horder of Useful Stuff, but I promise, I'm not a real pack rat - I only keep things that I could make something else with...
    Books, Books, and more Books I used to be a serious bookworm, going to the library 2 or 3 times a week as a child and getting out 10 books each time. I've slowed down somewhat, between work, five cats, yoga, an OU course, the computer and other hobbies, but I still love books, and get through plenty commuting. I love the feel of the them, and the smell of old books, and clean crisp new ones too. I love to be surrounded by them, they are very comforting creatures. My dream home will have a big old country-mansion type library, dark and cosy, old faithful armchair by the fire, and shelves upon shelves of books!
    Music for the Soul Some people would happily describe me as someone with no taste in music. I don't blame them, as I'm not really sure how to describe what I like, myself! I rarely like music just because of who it's by, or what genre it's classified as - if I like the sound of it, then I like it *shrug*. There are a few old reliables, however...