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Professional I currently work in London, as a PHP and Web Developer for One.Tel. If you are interested in my experience, please have a look at my CV and portfolio, or contact me at

I am a php coder, web developer, web designer, webmaster, web-geek, or whatever you would like to call me. I do the works - the design, graphics, hand-coded HTML and write the scripts too (perl, php, javascript...). So far, I have yet to meet a WYSIWYG editor that writes HTML I would be proud of, or that can do it better and faster. I've written sites for WAP phones, Digitial Interactive TVs, and your usual gamut of web-browsers. My portfolio lists the sites I have created and worked on.

I use Paint Shop Pro because it's cheaper than Photoshop (both for me and companies I have worked for!) and it's just as good for me. Everything I've seen done in Photoshop, I can do in Paint Shop Pro. Though I did like the additions brought in in Photoshop 6 - anyone got a few hundred pounds to spare? ;)

When I haven't been a web developer, I've done IT support, network and server maintenance and building, training, documentation, and programming.