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Inspiration in Many Forms
Our English teacher would sometimes give us unusual inspirations for essays and poems. This was written in response to a poster of a beautiful painting - which to this day I haven't been able to relocate to find the name of it.
My Lady in Sable
I went to see her today
To beg; to plead; to pray,
I would that she were mine,
My Lady in sable.

She would have none of it,
My looks, my charm, my wit.
Oh! that she were mine,
My Lady in ebony.

She turned and walked away,
So fast, I could just say:
"My Lady, be thou mine,"
My Lady in black.

In the mirror I caught her eyes,
Full of hope, longing, desire,
My Lady shall be mine,
My Lady in jet.

I floated as though on clouds,
Farewell to Misery's shrouds,
Now she will be mine,
My Lady in sable.


3rd April, 1992