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Poetry in Motion Back while I was in secondary school, I wrote many poems for English classes. I much prefered to write a poem than an essay, for starters, particularly when it was in class. Some of this was homework where I could bounce my ideas off my parents, others were written in response to a short story, or a passage from a novel, or in one instance, a poster. Still others are things I wrote just because. My favourite is "The Fox" which was my first foray into non-rhyming poetry, and was written the day after we finalised our folders for GCSE. Sadly, after I left to go to a different sixth form, I never managed to get back more than my GCSE coursework, so several of the poems have disappeared forever. I never really had much reason to write my own poetry after GCSEs were over, but now and then (eg at night when I really should be asleep but am just too wide awake!) I've turned my hand to it again.

My poetry is of a very varied nature.. In many of these poems, silliness prevails, there's no doubt about that. But every so often, just now and again, really.. I manage to write something which I think is really moving. Don't feel that you have to agree, mind, but peruse these offerings and make up your own mind.

  • Remembrance

    9th November, 1989

  • Early School Experiences

    25th March, 1990

  • The Cat

    9th October, 1990

  • Newspaper Love

    14th February, 1991

  • Arithmetic

    8th June, 1991

  • Spud The Space-Mad Spider

    6th December, 1991

  • Rain

    26th February, 1992

  • Accidents

    31st March, 1992

  • My Lady In Sable

    3rd April, 1992

  • The Fox

    27th April, 1992

  • A Winter's Tale

    17th December, 1992

  • The Shrew

    2nd August, 1997

  • The Sound Of Darkness

    2nd August, 1997