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You're kidding me?
No, all of these were really taken from the Valentines Greetings section of the Times on this date. I seem to recall I wrote this poem as a form of rebelling about having to write a sappy love poem!
Newspaper Love
The A to Z of love,
According to The Times,
Has lots of soppy names,
And really awful rhymes.

There's "Allywally loves Tum-tum",
"Bear-top loves Squirrel-top",
"Bibblybob", "Boozles", and "Blobskybear",
Not to mention "Boofy" and "Bogwog".

"Blue Wuzzle - loving you always",
"Catkins", "Cheekaboo", "Cuddlebucket",
"Fairyflakes, my love is like a red,
Red rose". Makes you want to snuff it.

"I love you, Alan, as you love me,
And oh! how happy we shall be."
"Jade princess - give me your favour,
And I'll be your knight in shining armour."

What is the point of this,
Of seeming a complete fool?
You really should remember it's
St. Valentines, not April Fool!


14th February, 1991