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The Sound Of Darkness
Have you ever listened to darkness?
Heard the myriad of little sounds which make up silence?
True silence is like heavy velvet;
So soft, it's almost unnoticeable
Yet so heavy that its weight lies weary upon your shoulders.
But the sound of darkness
Is only silence in name.
The gentle rustling of tree tops in the midnight breeze.
The intermittent purring of the distant road.
A sudden creak as a floorboard contracts,
Cooling down from the heat of the day.
Perhaps a gentle snore, or quiet footsteps
Betray the others living around you.
Or maybe the mating scream of a fox and the hooting cry of an owl
Are all that say you are not alone on this earth.
But even as you listen to these sounds of the darkness,
above it all...
around it...
behind it...
through it...
You can still hear the sound
of true


2nd August, 1997