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Portfolio I have split up my portfolio into 4 sections, to keep each page shorter. My Sites lists sites which I have created and run myself, being responsible for the design and the content. Work Sites are sites which I have either created and maintained as part of my employment apst or present. Framework, Templates, Maintenance covers sites which I have worked on for or with other people, being responsible only for the graphics, layout, or the content, but not all three. Other Graphics links to graphics created for various reasons, not just web.
Key to annotations Here is the list of all annotations used and their definitions.
Sample: 10/2001 - T:PHP PHP CSS Flash PSP

Date Approximate date of creation of current incarnation
T:SSI Templates using Server Side Includes
T:PHP Templates using embedded PHP
PHP PHP scripts
Perl Perl scripts
MySQL MySQL Database back-end
Shell Shell scripts (bash, commonly using sed and/or wget, run via cron jobs)
JavaScript JavaScript used for mouseovers or more
CSS Cascading Style Sheets used, either in the templates or from linked definition files
XML XML (Extended Markup Language)
PSP Paint Shop Pro used for creation and/or optimisation of graphics
PS Adobe Photoshop used for creation and/or optimisation of graphics
AS Animation Shop used to create animated GIF files
Flash Macromedia Flash used to create graphics, animations, movies or other
IM Uses Image Maps (created with PSP)
WML WML used to create WAP pages
XHTML XHTML standards used for some or allof the site.
W3C Site written to comply with W3C HTMl/XHTML Specifications: Validates for accessibility.
HTML Pure HTML only - usually a maintenance or content-only project
HTTP Apache configuration specific for design of site (ie customisation of directory listings)
DTV Signifies a site which has been designed to also work well on Digital Interactive Television