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My Rockets


My Silver Comet, flying at BigEARS '05 Blue Streak
Flights: 5
Estes Silver Comet, built '98, first flown IRW '98. Damaged a fin during transit betwen homes. Repaired and flown at Big EARS '05, 'chute tangled and caused "zippering" of body tube, cracked a fin on landing. Repaired and repainted completely. First flight at UKRA 2005 was perfect, second flight for an altimeter test flight - parachute tangled up in altimeter elastic and didn't open, nose-end first impact, trashed body tube, fin and altimeter. Fin and body tube replaced, rocket is now significantly longer.

Smarties Have The Answer
Flights: 4
Scratch built from two Smarties tubes and a payload bay (for Smarties, of course), with hemispherical fins, May '05. First flight at UKRA 2005, landed hard and broke 2 fins. Repaired and flown a second time, perfect flight. Flown twice at BK Flamer, perfect flights, entered into the OddRoc competition and won first place. Travel damage on the return home - one torn smarties tube, should be easily reparable.

My A.R.V. Condor, Harlequin, and its first flight Harlequin
Flights: 3
Estes A.R.V. Condor, double boosted gliders. Built May '05. First flight at UKRA 2005, absolutely beautiful! Flown twice at BK Flamer on D12-3s, both perfect flights; on the second flight, one glider caught a thermal and went back up, and took about 5 minutes to land, 2 fields away.

Into The Sunset
Flights: 3
Scratch built from Estes box o' bits May '05. First flight at UKRA 2005, perfect! Flown twice at BK Flamer on D12-5s, both brilliant flights, first was a sucessful MAP 2.0 task, the second landed 3 fields away and was miraculously recovered!

Flights: 2
3-inch black pre-made rocket, tumble recovery. First flight at UKRA 2005, amazingly - recovered from the field!

My Aurora, Insane Asylum Insane Asylum
Flights: 1
Quest Aurora, single boosted glider. Built May '05. Fluorescent green nose/tail, fading to white body; blue fleck paint over all. First flight at UKRA 2005, completely unstable, powered into ground! Minor neck damage, needs repair and glider modification.

My Renegade, Improbability Drive, being built Improbability Drive
Flights: 1
Estes Renegade, 2-stage. Built at UKRA 2005, probably not stable, so didn't fly due to high winds. After a shockingly sucessful swing test (with a lot more speed than previously) it had it's first flight at BK Flamer on a still afternoon on D12-0 to C11-3. First stage landed heavily nose first, slight crumpling of side tubes. Top stage would have coped on a larger motor, flew straight, recovered fine. Sucessful Map 2.5 task!

Retired & Unrecovered

Flights: 3
Scratch build from plastic sheets. Built and flown three times at IRW, Largs, '97. Final flight ruptured side wall. Retired.

Flights: 1
Estes Quark. Built, flown once and lost at IRW, Largs, '98.

L'il Purple thing, prior to fly for the first and last time 
at BigEARS '05 Li'l Purple Thing
Flights: 1
Estes Mosquito. Built at IRW, Largs, '98. First flight at Big EARS '05, never recovered.