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Portfolio Other Graphics:
03-09/2005 - PSP
100x100 pixel art for usericons mostly created for icon challlenges and as competition entries.
Dariell Silentblade - Magelo Background
Eladriel Silvermoon - Magelo Background
Lhorelii - Magelo Background
12/2002-01/2003 - PSP
Designed for my EverQuest characters' magelo profiles, best explained by viewing in-situ - Dariell, Eladriel, Lhorelii.
La Persistance de Flambage d'Angelfish
06/2001 - PSP
An Alien Fish take on Dali's Persistence de la Memoire.
Arsespike's "Tedium" Mood
10/2001 - PSP
Image manipulation and composition with PSP in response to a challenge - create a background graphic which reflects "Tedium".
"Icicles" Winamp Skin
09/1999 - PSP
This was a complete skin at the time, and rated highly on various download sites.
Hotbar Skins
08/1999-01/2000 - PSP
A varied selection of early hotbar skins (for IE toolbars).
Old Web Graphics
05/1997 - PSP
Most created in a powerful vector graphics package on an Acorn, but new ones created with PSP.