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Portfolio Framework/Templates/Maintenance
(Unlinked sites still require mirroring - either they no longer exist live on the web, or the current version is not my work.)
Tim Gurney
02/2000 - JavaScript CSS PSP AS
Template and graphics.
OFFSWN Project
09/2001 - IM PSP
Graphics and Image Map.
ICE Talker Base - Original ICE Site
08/2000 - CSS PSP
Templates and original graphics.
01/2000 - CSS PSP AS
Template and graphics.
11/1999 - PSP
Template and graphics. Content already existed.
1999-2001 - HTML HTTP
Maintenance and updates only. Creation of "Meets" section. Apache Config to customise FTP site.
The Discworld Talker
10/2001 - T:SSI CSS PSP DEAD
My design. The talker was canned before the website was finished.
GNAT Talker
04/2001 - CSS PSP DEAD
Template and graphics. Used as the basis for the subsequent ICE layouts which took over from GNAT.