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Portfolio Work Sites:
Not everything is public. Recent examples include:
BBC Sound Index ROLAP, MySQL, XML, XSLT, XHTML, XSS, AJAX, AA-Accessibility
Laureus PHP, MySQL, Drupal, Smarty
eCommsCreator ASP.Net, MySQL, Pure360 Integration
Pitch Entertainment Group
Splash - mobile ringtone club - mobile site & associated website localised for 6 languages (site since updated).
05/2003 - T:PHP PHP MySQL JavaScript CSS PSP AS PS Flash XHTML W3C
Inherited site; redesigned to improve upon usability, navigation, structure and layout. Much PHP back-end development - content management, site-building framework management, online order collection and processing, AA-level accessibility etc.
Celador International
- Who Wants To Be A Millionaire games
06/2002 - PHP MySQL Shell JavaScript XML
Back end to online multiplayer games. Client-Sever using XML to communicate with Flash front-end.
MSN Interactive & GBTyrrell Enterprises
- Team Climate Survey
02/2002 - PHP MySQL JavaScript
Survey system with user and admin levels, extensive statitics. Contact me to enquire about viewing.
nGame Limited
04/2001 - T:PHP PHP MySQL JavaScript CSS PSP AS PS Flash WML DTV
Current site has had both design and content cut down extensively - Archival mirror to come.
Inherited site; first redesign

(07/2000 T:SSI)

based on existing mockup sample; second redesign


to improve upon structure and layout. Created a much cut-down WAP site


with two-way redirects.
DataClash (nGame)
08/2000 - T:PHP Shell JavaScript CSS PSP DTV
Own design. Originally used SSI templates.
Alien Fish Exchange (nGame)
06/2001 - T:PHP Shell PHP CSS Flash PSP DTV
Worked with Green Cathedral to develop original site


. Redesign for DTV suitability


Archival mirror of original site to come.
Merchant Princes (nGame)
12/2001 - T:PHP Shell JavaScript CSS IM PSP DTV
Own Design. Extensive use of image maps in Online Gazetteer for maximum interconnectivity.
Nanogames (nGame)
01/2001 - T:PHP PHP Shell JavaScript CSS PSP AS DTV
My concept and animations, static graphics by Art department. Intended to be a bit wacky, so accessibility was less of a concern. Site outgrew existing style, redesign halted at concept stage.
Special Ops (nGame)
08/2001 - T:PHP PHP Shell JavaScript CSS PSP
Own design. Extra shell and PHP scripts for dynamic content. Forum templates adapated to match fully.
Rat Race (nGame)
07/2001 - T:PHP CSS JavaScript PSP Flash
Design and main graphics done in-house, built by me. Racer illustrations taken from Flash; Rats taken from Flash and composited with props/each other by me. Flash promo done in-house.
Top Gun (nGame)
09/2001 - T:PHP JavaScript CSS PSP Flash
Design, graphics and anims done in-house, built by me. Background graphic used with permission. Flash promo done in-house.
CeNeS Limited - CeNeS Revamp Designs
01/2000 - T:SSI Perl JavaScript CSS PSP
Current site has had both design and content cut down extensively - Archival mirror to come.
Inherited site; complex redesign process took several months - I left after building it, but before the site went live. Forum written from scratch. E-commerce site designed and implemented but aborted before launch.